An extremely diverse and influential act.

They have a sound that borders hard rock and metal, but their individual groove is what makes this band memorable. With influences ranging from Alice in Chains, The Black Dahlia Murder and 311, Misamore is a band you’ll never forget.

Their latest EP titled “Horizon” was recorded in May of 2010. Since then, the band feels they improved on their sound; writing and performing music that is lively and they more confident about playing. Following their fall tour, they hope to work on their debut album that is planning on being released in 2015. The band’s direction toward writing for this album is one involving patience and time. “The material now is much more settled in. We have had time to really feel out every nuance of these new songs,” said Amolsch. This is a sound Amolsch describes as, “…heavier, a bit more dynamic and also having bigger choruses.” The band hopes their music can inspire listeners to feel something from their music. “We want everyone to be able to take something from our music and enjoy it, feel like it is theirs,” said Amolsch.

Keep an eye out for their new album that will be releasing this year. And overall, allow yourself to take a part in Misamore’s journey.